An excerpt from Go To Your Room ~2005.

Enter the older brother.

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Beauty and the Beast:  A Modern Day Fairy Tale.

(Well, modern early 2000)

I made this with my good friend, writer Greg Lockard, back in 2004 for the online daily comic, Young Bottoms In Love. I think it was the first story I created after graduating from college in 2003, so you’ll have to excuse the rough line work and the dated Queer Eye for the Straight Guy reference. I still think it’s a cute though, enjoy!

An illustration I did of Mama Tits and her “Care Bear Stare Heard Round The World”


She was confronted by non acceptance & fought back with love!!
**Check out Mama Tits’s website: www.TheMamaTits.com
****Booking info for Mama Tits: MamaTitsOnStage@gmail.com
*****Press contact for Mama Tits: Sabrina@SabrinaDax.com
*****Download Mama Tit’s song here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bad… Bad Girls - EP by Mama Tits